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Our manufacturing know-how

You are demanding... we are too!
Choose a committed manufacturer who shares your beliefs. Made in France in our manufacturing plants.


Pure organic juices 

Organic liquid extracts

Organic capsules

Organic tablets

Freshly pressed vegetables
Prepared in our manufacturing
plants with no alcohol
Décoction-infusion High-quality, organic fish shell
The use of powdered Organic plants with bacteria removed as soon as possible
Food additives reduced to a minimum – concentrated extract
The use of powdered Organic plants with bacteria removed 

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You are demanding ... we too!

  • Fair harvesting in our French regions for 40% of our organic finely cut, powdered raw materials or fresh vegetables.
  • A pioneer in plant therapy and promoter of ORGANIC produce – 50 years of expertise and passion at your service!
  • ISO 9001 certification since 2005 – the quality hallmark of our organisation with a single target in mind: your satisfaction!