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Committed to the organic approach

Do you want to support French agriculture? We do too…

Loyal to the commitments of our founder, René Haussin, SUPER DIET is dedicated to building solid relationships with its partners. In fact, we offer fair contracts to our suppliers: over 40% of our Organic finely cut or powdered raw materials or fresh vegetables are obtained via fair contracts.

  • Fair harvesting: a unique approach in the profession

  • More than a contract, this is viewed as a genuine partnership. In exchange for purchasing estimated and firm volumes for 3 years, which allows them to look calmly to the future, our suppliers are committed to providing us with raw materials that meet our quality requirements.

    With SUPER DIET, choose a committed manufacturer who shares your beliefs.

  Filière Bio

Meeting with Mr. Cailleau

One of our Organic plant producer

  • Bio-dynamics is an agricultural practice that gives energy to soils, plants and, indirectly, to man. On the one hand, some of our producers such as Mr. Cailleau, Director of Cailleau Herbio, use this method by spraying soils with “bio-dynamic” preparations comprising animal and plant compost, providing “soil homeopathy”. 

  • On the other hand, they use the lunar calendar to plan sowing, planting and harvesting.
Yannick Cailleau


What expertise do they possess?

  • They are producers first and foremost. They constantly produce, harvest and transform organic plants on their land. They work on independent, diversified small holdings (animals, cereals, medicinal plants), which allow them to produce a variety of crops with long rotations (organic meadows 2 years, organic medicinal plants 2 years, organic cereals 1 year, etc.) and reduce weeds. 

  • They harvest their plants using traditional methods, i.e. manually (as in the case of the organic pot marigold, for instance) or with a simple sickle for fragile plants. 

  • They use a forage wagon for the more hardy plants, which cuts them and collects them mechanically. They then cut our plants carefully without chopping them, and dry them at a low temperature for a controlled period of time so as not overheat them or cause any deterioration.


Other producers, loyal to SUPER DIET, talk of their partnership with SUPER DIET

Patrick Letrecher from Montfarville (50) and Emmanuel Dervaux from Quarouble (59), both of whom produce organic black radish: 

  • My wife and I have been involved in organic farming since 1974. SUPER DIET contacted us about twenty years ago to produce Organic Fennel, Red Cabbage, White Cabbage and Black radish. We comply with organic farming specifications, particularly with regard to weeding, which is manual or thermal in an attempt to respect the environment and the soil”. 

P. Letrecher, 2011.
  • “SUPER DIET has been placing orders since early in the year. This allows me to order my seeds. We sow in June and harvest between October and December depending on the requirements of the manufacturing plant”.

E. Dervaux , 2011.